• Season 1 RECAP

    Season One is officially finished! Amy and Emmy talk about it one last time before moving forward.

  • S1E12: Prophecy Girl

    Season Finale time! SPOILER ALERT: Buffy dies.

  • S1E11: OOMOOS

    Out of Mind, Out of Sight: An invisible girl, scorned by Cordelia, tries to ruin her life just like hers was ruined. Have a nice summer!!

  • S1E10: Nightmares

    The nightmares of a local boy in a coma manifest all over Sunnydale, and The Scoobies must put a stop to it before everyone is overcome by their fears.

  • S1E9: The Puppet Show

    Sunnydale is putting on a Talent Show and Buffy must put a stop to a murderous demon before it can kill again. A classic Whodunit/Creepy Puppet theme!