• Season 2: RECAP

    SEASON 2: OFFICIALLY OVER. We apologize for how awkward and late this recap is.

  • S2E22: Becoming Part 2

    Guest host JEN is still with us to discuss one of the most heart-shattering moments on TV.

  • S2E21: Becoming Part 1

    Guest host JEN joins us to travel in time as we watch Angel BECOME the jerk he is today. As Sunnydale students prepare for finals, Buffy prepares for a showdown...that will ultimately backfire badly.

  • S2E20: Go Fish

    Guest host LYNNETTE of the BiCast Podcast joins us to discuss the many, many soapboxes this lame episode has to offer us. SO ARE WE AT BECOMING YET???

  • S2E19: I Only Have Eyes for You

    Guest host RACHEL joins us for a great discussion about forgiveness, and how Sunnydale should probably just give up on trying to host school dances.